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Lighthouses of Cornwall and Devon

The tradition of showing lights for the benefit of mariners is much older than many people, especially in the far southwest of England which has always been closely associated with the sea. In a previous major work, the author presented the history and development of lighthouses from ancient times. In this book, the links from the past have been followed through to the recent history of Cornwall and Devon and its unique and fascinating story at the cutting edge of lighthouse technology. The author uses his lifetime’s experience of these lighthouses to present his own viewpoint of this beautiful topic, whether by means of his personal diary entries or his great catalogue of superb photographs. The narrative is punctuated with many fascinating extracts from the historical records - firsthand accounts by lighthouse keepers, newspaper reports, and other commentaries. A collection of historic drawings and images from official archives forms an additional ingredient. Finally, in a world that is now changing rapidly due to technological development, a summary of the latest states of the lighthouses is given in the form of data and other up-to-date information.

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