Brigid and the Raven King


Our planet is in decline as humans become alienated from the
natural world. Brigid, the Spirit of Nature, settles on Seán and
Niamh, a boy and girl enduring a life of hardship in the west of
Ireland. She sends Seán on a mission to understand what has
been lost, but he must leave his dearest Niamh behind. Brigid
calls upon Cormac Mac Airt, Ireland’s greatest King, to return to
the world as a raven. Under the protection of this Raven King, and
with new-found friends from the animal kingdom, Seán begins a
journey to save humanity from itself. This heartwarming, modern
fairytale combines recent history and ancient beliefs in a story of
understanding and love. Within the powerful, moral narrative
there is hope for the future.

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