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John McLaughlin


John McLaughlin is a jewel among guitarists. After coming to prominence in Miles Davis’s experimental fusion bands of 1969/70, he became one of the early electric guitar superstars with his jazz-rock band Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1971. In the years since then his career has covered a broad range of styles and genres. As comfortable on acoustic as he is on electric guitar, John’s music ranges freely through mainstream jazz, Flamenco and traditional European classical music, but always returns to electric jazz-fusion. A major part of his work has been the development of his own style of jazz fused with Indian music, and he was one of the first musicians to work in the now established genre of World music. This updated and expanded third edition presents a commentary on John McLaughlin’s music through his recorded works. It provides an analysis of his unique style and his remarkable achievements in both performance and composition.